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Founder and Admitted Attorney.

Boela van der Merwe founded his legal firm on the 1st of June 1994. Boela has achieved in life through his ability to focus on his goals and this has led to success in multiple disciplines including his legal profession as well as sport.

His care and personal interest in his clients lives and legal situations have gained him a credible reputation in his community.  The will to win, and the desire to succeed have been the keys for Boela's personal excellence and success.  He enthusiastically puts his heart and soul into his endeavours to solve legal problems.

Boela has cultivated a firm that is a close-knit family.  It is a testament to him that most of his staff are long standing members of his firm.

Boela studied and graduated B.Proc from Rau University in 1981.  He was admitted as an attorney of the high court on the 2nd November 1982.  Boela was elected to serve on the Germiston Attorneys Association from 1998 to date.

His legal specialities are Family law including divorce, children's court, maintenance, domestic violence and harassment, disputes relating to primary residence of minor children, and adoption.  

Sport has always played a major roll in Boela's life both on and off the field.  He represented the Transvaal Rugby Union in 1976 to 1981 with a total of 38 games played. He also represented South African Barbarians Rugby Union.  He was a member of the South African Rugby Football Union Judicial Committee from 1999 to 2001. Boela has completed 3 Comrades Marathons.

Boela is the chairman of the Golden Lions Rugby Disciplinary Committee.  

His mantra in life is a quotation by Aristotle:  "Quality is not an act, it is a habit."